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2014 Annual Campaign

Announcing the launch of NAME’s 2014 Annual Campaign…

…for donations and gifts that will
significantly increase the capacity of NAME to sustain our work and expand our reach.

From the announcement by President Kevin Kumashiro:

“For over twenty years, the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) has boldly advocated for equity and social justice in schools and society, and has provided invaluable support to thousands of educators, counselors, school leaders, community members, and young people who embrace and engage in multicultural education.  In these challenging times for schools, NAME is more committed than ever before to expand its initiatives and resources … and we need your help to do so.

Today, we are launching an Annual Campaign for donations and gifts that will significantly increase the capacity of NAME to sustain our work and expand our reach.

Why donate?  As the president of NAME, whether I am visiting our local chapters or greeting attendees at our regional and national conferences, I am fortunate to hear from people across the country.  In these stories of struggles and challenges, and of innovations and accomplishments, I am struck by the various roles that NAME has played as a source of support and community.  From our conferences and professional development opportunities to our publications and online resources, NAME is striving to provide the resources that you need to make our schools and society better places for all.

But we can and must do more.  The attacks on public education, the scapegoating of teachers, the “reforms” that purport to support struggling communities but that actually widen inequities—these are becoming more and more pervasive, to a point where teachers are telling us that they feel more demoralized and less able to truly teach than ever before.  NAME has recently launched new initiatives that reflect our commitment to building a stronger movement for equity and justice in education: from our media toolkit on teacher evaluation, and our summer institute and forthcoming book on diversifying the teacher workforce, to our support for the legal struggles to protect ethnic studies, and our partnerships with local and national organizations on common causes.

We need your help to do even more than ever. Please help to kick off our Annual Campaign by making your tax-deductible donation today, and please encourage others to become a member of NAME and/or to support this Campaign.”

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