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Presidential Chapter Award

2010 Winner

Maryland Multicultural Coalition/
Maryland Chapter of NAME

The Maryland Multicultural Coalition/Chapter of NAME (MMC/NAME)promotes the philosophy of NAME and exemplifies NAME goals in its membership, programs and activities.  MMC/NAME is the leading advocate for education that is multicultural as a means of achieving the full academic potential of every learner in the state of Maryland and has provided the community with information, expertise, support and resources in pursuit of those goals. MMC/NAME has maintained a core body of about 70 members for the past few years, and also maintains contact through the newsletter, Voices, with over 300 supporters who attend the annual state conference.  Annual statewide conferences for the past 15 years have brought together individuals and groups from all levels of education, from different academic disciplines, and from a variety of educational and community institutions to: share information and resources, provide professional development and networking opportunities, showcase exemplary programs throughout the state, and recruit new members. Each conference is in collaboration with the Maryland county school system or institute of higher education, providing greater connections with the community and strengthening the bond of advocacy in our work.