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NAME Assails AZ’s New Education Policy

In response to the bill signed by Governor of Arizona on May 11, 2010 banning ethnic studies in the public schools of Arizona, NAME has issued a press release expressing the organization’s outrage that the bill passed. NAME believes the bill flies in the face of research on textbooks and multicultural curricula, research on U.S. history, and the track record of Tucson’s Mexican American/Raza Studies department to successfully educate Mexican American students.

The bill presumes that the standard curriculum is not biased and represents no ethnic point of view. However, those who study race/ethnicity point out that white people are also ethnic, making that presumption incorrect. . . . By attacking the work of the Mexican American/Raza Studies department in Tucson, the bill ignores the fact that its work has been substantially improving the academic achievement and graduation rates of Chicano/a students. . . . For these reasons, we condemn this new law. Further, because of the strong integrity of the work of the Mexican American/Raza Studies department in Tucson, and its proven track record successfully education Chicano/a students, we will be featuring its former director, Dr. Augustine Romero, as a keynote speaker at our Annual Conference, which will be held November 4-6, 2010 in Las Vegas.
Members of NAME and supporters of ethnic studies programs  are encouraged to download the complete press release for their continuing advocacy and educational efforts.
Click to download the complete NAME Press release on Arizona’s policy against ethnic studies.
For additional information contact Rose Duhon-Sells:  roseduhonsells@suddenlink.net
Phone: 504.286.1760/504.288.3118

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