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Where is the NAME National Office located?

The National NAME Office (and snail mail)
2100 M Street, Suite 170-245
Washington DC  20037

How is NAME organized?
NAME is an organization of volunteers. The national office is in Washington DC. It is a 100% volunteer organization. The board consists of 24 individuals. There is an Executive Committee of five – President, President-Elect, Immediate Past-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. There are 10 regional directors, 3 at-large members and 5 Founders. None of the board members is paid. The organization is funded through membership fees and revenue from an annual conference. Currently, there are about 25 state chapters, each with a state board of directors. In addition there are standing committees and ad hoc committees.
NAME is organized in regions that align with the federal service regions. The regional directors help recruit new members, coordinate the work in chapters within the states of their region, and assist the organization of new chapters.
Much of NAME’s work is focused in local communities and is directed by local affiliate chapters.

How does one get elected to the board?
Under the by-laws of the Association, the paid membership of the Association is eligible to vote in NAME’s elections. Elections are held yearly with positions staggered.
Executive Board – The President-Elect holds office for 2 years, then assumes the office of President for 2 years and then Immediate Past President for 2 years. In 2005 there will be an election for President-Elect.
The Secretary and Treasurer hold office for 3 years and then may run for a final 3 years.
Regional Directors – Each year half of the 10 Regional Directors are up for election.Terms are for 3 years.
At-large Members – At-large members are eligible to serve a 3 year term followed by an additional 3 year term. Each year one of the 3 positions is open for election.
Founders – the Founders hold their own election each year for the 5 positions on the board.