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The National Association for Multicultural Education hosts a Listserv, also known as an Email Discussion Group. The listserv, named NAME-MCE provides a forum to discuss multicultural education, share resources, post job openings, announce conferences or other events, and ask questions of educators and activists around the world.

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Comments from a NAME-MCE Subscriber:

“Not less than three of the projects in my “under development” stack have been inspired by postings on the NAME-MCE listserv. Worthwhile projects that, if we are able to fully develop them and get them funded, will make significant advancements for the end users in that area of multi-cultural education in which we work.

Posts to the NAME-MCE listserv have increased my sensitivity and given me insight and even awakened me to issues I had never really thought about or taken for granted. This increased awareness and sensitivity has resulted in better development of everything I do in life – not just through my organization. I have become more tolerant and more willing to consider another’s point of view than ever before.

Posts to the NAME-MCE listserv have encouraged my willingness to speak out on or get involved in relevant political issues. I was naturally political from an early age, but the NAME-MCE posts have helped refine and focus my thoughts AND my viewpoint, due largely to the sensitivity I’ve gained through reading the posts and the tolerance this list has taught me.”


sandywinnQuestions, concerns, or suggestions about the NAME Listserv should be directed to the Sandra Winn, Listserv moderator at listmoderator@nameorg.org



A reminder to the NAME-MCE list members to follow some basic rules while communicating to list members.

Point #1

Please keep in mind that NAME-MCE list has international subscribers that are charged by the size of their email messages based on downloading time and storage. There are some members on the list who do not have the unlimited privileges/access to email as we do in the U.S. It is understandable that list members feel strongly about sharing important information with NAME-MCE list members. Perhaps you can send a smaller message, and direct members to the source by listing the URL, instead of sending large documents to the list.

Point #2

The NAME-MCE Listserv is intended to serve all educators involved in Multicultural Curriculum, Teaching or Research in the following areas of

Grades preschool-12
Colleges and Universities
Other educationally related agencies
Parents/Guardians of children and youth
Activists and Advocates

List members are encouraged to bring your MCE interest to the scope of the list. This will include discussions about theory and practice focused on teaching, curriculum, research, resources and materials. Brief MCED announcements and specifically related organizational information are also appropriate.

Point #3

For the sake of email management, PLEASE remember to send personal communications or responses to message strands DIRECTLY to the person you intend to communicate with. PLEASE, do not send short personal messages to the entire list. The listmoderator will not approve the message.

Point #4

Please remember: When you hit the reply button, your message will go directly to the list. Unless your communication is intended for the entire list, you need to identify the person’s address in the header of the original message and send your short personal message or response specifically to that person.

When responding to discussion strands that have multiple responses, please delete previous messages, and only include information pertinent to your response.

Point #5

Also, members who use the auto reply to notify that they will be away from their office/email for an extended period of time will need to unsubscribe from the list. If you forget to unsubscribe, the listmoderator will unsubscribe the member once an auto reply message is received. The member will have to re-subscribe to the list upon their return. If the member is concerned about missing information shared on the list while they are away, they can access the list archives to review missed posts on the list.

Please note that members who use the “Out of Office” command will be unsubscribed from the list. Also, if a members mailbox exceeds its disk space limit will be unsubscribed. Most of the mailboxes that exceed limits usually are on Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, and other ISP that allow limited space.

This is a moderated list. Which means that the listmoderator has to manage every message sent to the list. It is enough responsibility to manage the many messages sent to the list. When a mailbox exceeds its limit or someone sets the “Out of Office” command. Both of these situations cause unnecessary messages that the listmoderator has to manage. There are 950 members on this list. If just 1% of the mailboxes on NAME-MCE list had a “Out of Office” or it exceed its disk space limit at any given time, it would be overwhelming to manage.

Please unsubscribe before you plan to be away from your computer for extended periods of time, and subscribe when you return. If you are concern that you may miss important communications on the list, you can always review the archives using the appropriate command.