NAME Conference 2016 #NAME2016

Well wishes from Cleveland and the 26th Annual Conference of
the National Association for Multicultural Education.

On Friday evening November 11, we gathered as a community, during an evening vigil (see photo below) to share our thoughts and feelings regarding the recent election results for the presidency of the United States.  We shared our dismay that a person whose language was filled with bigotry and hate has been elected to the highest office of the nation.  We shared stories of how we and/or individuals we know and care deeply about are concerned about how this presidency may impact our/their lives.  We heard and read about acts of bigotry and hate that have been manifest across the country as a result of the recent elections.

But we also gathered to stand in solidarity with those in schools, universities, and communities who are resisting these acts of bigotry and hate.

We gathered to also imagine what actions we might take to advance the mission of the NAME organization that “advances and advocates for social justice and educational equity through multicultural education.”

One such action is the following letter, approved by the Executive Committee, and sent to the President-Elect.  Please distribute widely.

Francisco Rios, Immediate Past-President

National Association for Multicultural Education



12 noviembre 2016

To President-Elect of the United States of America:

We stand in solidarity with human rights and social justice organizations who have called on you to advance a broad, inclusive, and equitable vision for the future of the United States.  Some of these include the Southern Poverty Law Center and the California Legislative Leaders.

The National Association for Multicultural Education advances and advocates for social justice and educational equity through multicultural education.

We call on you to take accountability for those waves of hateful attacks, manifest during your candidacy, but unleashed especially after your election.  You know that there have been horrific attacks of physical and symbolic violence that have occurred in schools, universities, and communities.  These have occurred not only because of your election, but because of your encouragement.  

We call on you to disavow these violent racist, hateful, and mean-spirited acts perpetuated by those who believe in white, male supremacy.

We also call on you to surround yourself with leaders and advisors who explicitly, intentionally, and purposefully value the diversity inherent in our democracy.  The strength of the United States has been the multicultural nature of our nation. The individuals you surround yourself with reflect deeply your core commitments and we hope/trust you will assure their commitment to equity and inclusion as part of their selection process.

We call on you to hear the voices of individuals who affirm and value the diversity of the nation.

We cannot make America great by tearing ourselves apart.

We stand ready to assist you and your team in those positive and productive approaches that would support our common interests in strengthening our inclusive, multicultural democracy.


Executive Committee of the National Association for Multicultural Education 


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