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2015 NAME Call for
Proposal Reviewers


The Call Is Open for Proposal Reviewers


Download the Evaluation Guidelines and Rubric: http://www.nameorg.org/docs/Guidelines+_Evaluation+Rubric_2015.pdf


NAME members are invited to serve as proposal reviewers. Please apply  to review no later than April 6, 2015.  Every proposal will need to be reviewed by three to five reviewers. Each reviewer will be assigned between 12-18 proposals. Proposals will be begin to be assigned to you as soon as you apply. We encourage you to start reviewing as soon as proposals are assigned to you.  


Please volunteer only if you know that you will be available to review during the time indicated above and can be reached via email through June 30.

Proposal reviewing is a benefit of NAME membership. 

  • If you are not a member, visit the NAME website (http://nameorg.org) and join today.
  • You can apply to serve as a proposal reviewer even if you submit a proposal. 
  • Students may apply to serve as proposal reviewers. 
  • All reviewers who complete reviewing assignments will be listed in the print and digital NAME program book.

Reviewer Special Instructions

  • Multiculturalism embraces multiple intersecting ways of looking at reality. 
  • NAME is a mentorship organization, meaning that people enter the organization at different developmental stages relative to their knowledge about and experience with multicultural education.
  • The content of proposals does not have to reflect a standardized, academic, multicultural response to the educational, economic, political and cultural inequities we face today. 
  • Please be mindful that critical, passionate and profound community responses to the problems we face can be as conceptually rigorous, and have as much value as proposals that emanate from the ivory towers. 
  • Please use the rubric as intended – as a guideline for evaluating whether or not a proposal merits inclusion in the conference. 
  • Note whether it addresses the 2015 proposal submission guidelines and attends more generally to NAME's mission


Use the link below to respond to the call to review OR login to the NAME Members’ Area and respond to the call from your Member Page. The system will ask you to verify and update your contact information. Select your first, second and third areas of expertise from the subject areas as this information will be used to assign proposals to reviewers. Select subjects based on your area of expertise. If those subjects do not have any proposals to review at that time,  please check back, in case there is a need, later in the process.


Download the Evaluation Guidelines and Rubric: http://www.nameorg.org/docs/Guidelines+_Evaluation+Rubric_2015.pdf

Questions about the proposal-review process may be directed to the Proposal Review Committee at proposals@NAMEorg.org. Thank you for  supporting NAME. 


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