NAME Conference 2016 #NAME2016

NAME: The Multicultural Lens of Equity for ALL  

26th Annual International NAME Conference
November 9-13 • Cleveland, Ohio

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Linda Darling Hammond

Karen Williams

Rudolfo Chavez-Chavez

Patty Loew

Etta Hollins

*keynotes to date, subject to change; listed order is not an indication of presentation order

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2016 Conference Theme

NAME aims to transform society for the betterment of ALL individuals. This calls for a collective of ALL to explore the inequities present in our society. NAME values the experiences and voices of individuals who have been silenced or have been omitted from mainstream literature, media, and history. In our efforts toward a just society, we pursue to uncover political injustices that influence geographical and environmental racism, oppression, and violence. Therefore, the NAME 2016 conference will amplify the voices of those who suffer marginalization in various forms; and in doing so expose inequities that are ignored and silenced. 

Through NAME 2016 we continue to improve our problem-solving abilities related to the existing “isms” that damage our society. This year’s conference aims at sharing practices that enhance the human condition for our global society to effectively face the inequities of, that include but not limited to, forms of violence, inequitable distribution of resources, institutional systems that oppress (consciously or unconsciously), those who are disadvantaged and marginalized. By sharing our work and experiences, we are extending our hands in solidarity with ALL who face these forms of injustices. As pioneers of a world striving for equity for ALL, the conference seeks to embrace every individual as a human being with dignity and respect. 
NAME welcomes critical dialogues for solutions of social inequities in today’s world. Equity must be granted to ALL forms of identity and for ALL people. As we continue to work together for a better world, we look forward to listening to your ideas through presentations and conversations that nurture the purpose and spirit of the National Association for Multicultural Education.

Conference Registration is open:


NAME: The Multicultural Lens of Equity for ALL-- 26th Annual Conference
Jun 15 2016
We have a great keynote line up! Conference Registration is open Click for Conference Rates Click to Register Conference...
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